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Natalie Semenova has everything she wants. Except her younger sister’s college tuition is past due and Nat can’t even begin to remember the last time she had sex. When two large orders are placed in her candy shop, everything starts to look up. Until a horrible mix-up involving chocolate penises brings Nat’s ex-lover to her door.
Dane Falken knows he has to make up for the biggest mistake of his life to win Natalie back, but all she’s interested in is the orgasms he gives her. When two people determined to get what they want end up in bed together, what happens is sweeter than candy.
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Lusteberry: drink it, eat it. Consume and be consumed by the world’s most sensual fruit.
Nicola Luder runs away to Luxovia, home of the world famous lusteberry. A fruit rumored to give lovers their most sensuous pleasure. On her first night Nicola meets Kirill, a local who shares a taste of lusteberry with her. Then offers to spend the night in her bed, showing her all the mysteries of the desire-ripened fruit.
Kirill Demidov wakes to find his lover gone. But Kirill knows a passionate woman like Nicola needs a man as passionate to match her desire. With the help of a little berry, Kirill might make Nicola a lusteberry believer.
Mix one aphrodisiac berry with two sexually explosive adults and watch passion ignite.
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Lana Semenova is living life on her own terms. Too bad that life currently sucks. Enter one sexier-than-sin ice cream shop owner who’s hot enough to melt his products. Drizzle with enough steamy passion to keep the neighbors awake and add a sprinkling of raw sex on the floor to liven things up. Lana may have found the perfect recipe to spice up her life. And if not? The sex is great and that’s all a woman needs on a hot summer night.
Well, that and ice cream.
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Indigo Larsen can finally live her dreams of exploring the world. Her first stop is Ireland, where on a dare she accepts the Tongue of Truth liquor. The sex that follows is passionate and more exotic than anything she’s ever imagined. Waking up the next morning on Aedan Ciaran’s naked lap with his hard cock inside her is more than disconcerting. Convinced the liquor is the cause of her predicament, Indigo tries to leave.
What’s a leprechaun to do? Why, bring out all the luck he can find in hopes of loving his way into Indigo’s heart.