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Book 1 in the Wedding Belles series

Brina hates weddings almost as much as she hates being a bridesmaid. There she runs into Adair, the man who left her at the whim of his family.
Adair made a mistake letting Brina go, but he’s back now. He has no intention of letting the woman he loves walk away without a fight or a night of soul-melting lovemaking to show just how right they are together.
Will a night of blistering passion be enough to convince Brina Adair’s back for good? Or will she let the past ruin her future. Either way only one thing is certain. Something old has never looked or felt so good.


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Book 4 in the Wedding Belles series

Clay Holbrook was still recovering from his wedding-eve threesome with the bride and groom, depressed that he might never find the happiness Zoe and Brad had. But when bridesmaid Kristen Jayne sidles up to him at the bar, every hormone in his body screams to get her naked as fast as he can.
During the long hours of the night they indulge in an endless, hot, erotic adventure, each using the wild monkey sex to cloak their inner sadness. But with daylight comes reality. Can they take what they’ve found past the rumpled bed sheets and into a life together?