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Clio Foster is happy with her boring and tidy life. As head of the underwater archeology department at Lone Star State University, Clio finds satisfaction in her work. Her secret passion is finding the story behind the ancient jars that caused her parent’s death. But those same jars are now bringing trouble in the form of Kryssin Poseidon. An eccentric and mystifying man, Kryssin gives her the promise of adventure. Something Clio never thought she’d want. But when she’s attacked by a creature she can’t describe, Clio wonders if Kryssin is hiding something more than his family’s history. Kryssin Poseidon knows Clio Foster is the one person on earth that belongs to him. He was the fourth son of the god, Poseidon. He feeds on Ambrosia, the blood of mortals, to ensure his life and immortality. His soul was taken thousands of years before, along with his brothers, to save humanity from the enslavement of the Seekers. Shadow Hunters are a race of demons sworn to unleash the Titans to rule the world. Clio literally is the keeper of his soul. In order to get it back, Kryssin and Clio must go through the trials of the oracles together. But Kryssin isn’t sure Clio is ready to hear the truth about him or the jars she holds so dear. Those jars are the secret to unleashing the curse on his soul and will gain him a piece of the lost Trident.

Can a demi-god and an archeologist, hell-bent on discovering the truth, put aside their differences long enough to use what’s in the clay jars? They have to save his brothers and mankind from Scaber Demons intent on bringing about the destruction of humanity?

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When Bailey McCain is attacked by scaled men in an alley, she is rescued by a group of drop-dead gorgeous strangers who claim to be something other than human and say they want to protect her. Before long, Bailey’s world is turned upside down: mythical creatures are real, ancient demons are bent on killing her, and she’s the mate of demi-god Talos.

Talos, son of Poseidon, doesn’t want a mate, even one who’s the other half of his soul. He’s determined to resist Bailey even though their bond will finally complete him. Demon plots, family secrets, and his meddling brothers combine to keep Bailey by his side.

But Bailey is keeping a secret from Talos—her late uncle left her a journal that puts their lives in danger. Can Bailey and Talos learn to trust each other before it’s too late to save the Poseidon brothers and their mates?