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Baby Come Back Baby, Come Back
The last time Tamera Spilly saw her home town was through a trail of dust as she raced away from Whisper Texas. She’d had no intention of ever returning but nothing will keep Tam from her cousin’s wedding. Not even the ghosts of her past. Still, facing the two men she loved and hadn’t been able to choose between is going to require ovaries of steel.


While Matt Highton moved on and thought he had no interest in Tam, Romy Westin’s heart still belongs to the one who got away. To Romy, waking up naked with Tam sandwiched between him and Matt is pure heaven.

Tam is sure she’s been cast into the fiery depths of hell. Hung over and feeling half past dead, stranded in a small island cabin with Matt and Romy, she’s stuck between a rock and a harder place. Tam will finally have to confront her past and the men determined to be her future.

Baby Come Back Familiar Strangers
Louisiana born and bayou bred Galen Matthews doesn’t usually care about other people’s problems, but when one of his few friends calls needing a favor, against his better judgment he agrees. He had no idea the favor was going to be protecting the feisty and slightly flighty Regin Neff, without her knowledge. Little did he know how far accepting this new job would send his world careening out of its perfectly ordered existence. And how deeply into the past he would have to dig in order to understand his unexplained connection to Regin.


Regin Neff is smart enough to smell a set-up, but for the life of her she can’t sense where. Her usually sharp mind is a bit off kilter. Maybe it’s because she’s overwhelmed with the recent events upsetting her happily unstructured life. It could be the creepy letters that find her no matter where or how far she moves. The letters are from a man who almost killed her seven years ago and vowed to someday escape and finish the job.

There’s the mysterious yet gorgeous Galen Matthews, a neighbor, whose kisses make her body shiver, in every good way, even though his watching her every move makes her crazy. She can’t deny the connection she feels to her Cajun neighbor. A connection that leaves her feeling angry, betrayed, confused and loved to the depths of her soul. Yeah, Regin’s got problems, and she has to decide which man, Galen or the stalker holds the biggest danger. One wants to end her life and the other could destroy her heart.

*Note: This previously published novel has been revised and expanded.

Wishes, Kisses & Corpses Wishes, Kisses & Corpses – Avalon Shifters book 1
She made a wish for a man to love her—curves, temper, mentally unstable friends and all. What Blakely Devon gets instead is a concussion and a dead man in her tub. Waking up in the hospital surrounded by her friends and suspicious cops, Blake’s positive her birthday wish misfired.

Detective Taggart Kayton’s sure he landed in hell. Except with just one kiss the cat shifter knows he’s found his mate. One who comes with mouthy, possibly criminal friends, a corpse in her tub covered by frothy pink bubbles, and a mother who may or may not have a pact with demons. He’s always managed to land on his feet before, but then he’s never run across anyone quite like Blakely or her friends.

A near miss has them holed up in a secluded location where their undeniable passion explodes. Will Tag have a chance to explain Blake’s place in his life before the killers catch up to them?