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Book one in the Club Botticelli Series

Former supermodel Olivia Paisley seduces Ethan as part of a play-or-pay game, but can her heart live with the consequences of walking away from him.

Not willing to sacrifice her life in exchange her supermodel career, Olivia Paisley shakes her world up. Club Botticelli is born out of her desire to offer a fun and sexy nightclub to women not of the size two persuasions. She’s got her friends, her club and plenty of batteries, what else could a woman want?

Play or Pay: a game created to force Olivia and her friends from becoming stagnant in their lives. As Olivia’s turn approaches, there’s only one man she can think to play with. The dark and handsome stranger she keeps running into.

Ethan’s finally found a woman to match his every appetite. Olivia’s beautiful, successful and even if her friends scare him, he’s determined to make her his. Until he learns the truth about their night together.
Is Ethan willing to put everything on the line, including his heart and soul, in order to convince Olivia he’s the only man for her? Can Olivia open herself up enough to give Ethan a second chance?

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Book two in the Club Botticelli Series

To win back the woman he loves, Brock’s prepared to break all the rules.

Emma gave up on love a long time ago. Now she’s content to write about the mythical emotion. With her good friends and a great career, what more can a girl ask for?

Brock knows he made a mistake letting Emma go all those years ago. He’s back now and willing to do whatever it takes to convince her he’s back for good this time. Even if it involves a little kidnapping and a few handcuffs, Brock’s ready to go all the way in his quest of Enticing Emma.

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Book three in the Club Botticelli Series

Beware, sexy curves ahead.

Briley knows love exists. She just doesn’t want it touching any part of her well-ordered life. Until her computer blinks the blue screen of death and flips her life out of control. She’s forced to Carter Moore’s computer shop, where she starts drooling over the back of his neck without bothering to see the front of him.

Carter knows Briley’s different from every other woman. She’s smart, funny and has more luscious curves than a fun house. Curves he can’t wait to get his hands, tongue and other body parts on. He’s head over heels in love with the sexy business owner. Unfortunately Briley’s resistant to his honesty, so Carter needs to come up with another way to start Beguiling Briley.

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Book four in the Club Botticelli Series

Some mistakes can never be forgotten, especially when they turn up looking hotter and sexier than ever.

Last year Trinity made a mistake. She had one night filled with the best sex of her life. In the morning he was gone. Gone as in left the country gone.

Hunt ran from the best thing he’d ever had, but now he’s tired of running and denying the woman who haunts his every thought. Time to play dirty.

Trinity wakes up in another country, alone on a desert island except for the one man she can’t forget or forgive.

There’s a long way to go before Hunt can get the woman of his dreams back in his arms, but the more she balks the less he can resist Teasing Trinity.

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Book five in the Club Botticelli Series

Love is never easy between two people determined to avoid heartbreak.

Experience has taught Recee Williams that love causes nothing but pain. Her past has proven her right time and again. She’s content to live her life alone with no one but her friends. They may be close to the legal line of insanity, but they’re her true family.

Garen’s interest in the most lethal and unstable member of Club B’s owners is nothing but foolish. Knowing that doesn’t stop him from rushing to her ‘rescue’ when an ex threatens Recee’s life. But Recee is more than capable of taking care of herself.

After one night together Garen knows he’ll never be able to let this prickly woman go, but he’ll need more than charm and great talent between the sheets.
Somehow Garen needs to find the perfect way to start Romancing Recee.