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Kryssin – Poseidon Brothers – Book 1
Clio Foster is happy with her boring and tidy life. As head of the underwater archeology department at Lone Star State University, Clio finds satisfaction in her work. Her secret passion is discovering the story behind the ancient jars that caused her parent’s death. But those same jars are now bringing trouble in the form of Kryssin Poseidon. An eccentric and mystifying man, Kryssin gives her the promise of adventure, something Clio never thought she’d want. When she’s attacked by a creature she can’t describe, Clio wonders if Kryssin is hiding more than just his family’s history.

Kryssin Poseidon knows Clio Foster is the one person on earth that belongs to him. She literally is the keeper of his soul, which was taken thousands of years before to save humanity from enslavement by the Shadow Hunters. The race of demons is sworn to unleash the Titans to rule the world. In order to get his soul back and protect the future, Kryssin and Clio must go through the trials of the oracles. But Kryssin isn’t sure Clio is ready to hear the truth about him and the jars she holds so dear. Those ancient jars hold the secret to eradicating the curse on his soul and gaining a piece of his father’s lost Trident.

Can a demi-god and an archeologist hell-bent on discovering the truth see beyond their desire for each other to discover the once-in-a-lifetime chance for more than either ever dreamed possible?